• Mera Kachra , Meri Zimmedari
  • Two Hands Can Do Wonders
  • Insaan Bano
- Chinu Kwatra


Youth represent the most dynamic segment of the population and are the future of the Nation. India is one of the youngest nations in the world. About 65% of India's population is under 35 years of age. Khushiyaan Foundation captures this zest and enthusiasm in its core team. It is developed under the able leadership of Mr.Chinu Kwatra. It’s an NGO having 8 out of 9 trustees under the age of 30

Post my masters in Finance & Marketing in 2014, I got into my first job as Business development executive & started conducting small events for underprivileged kids under Aarna Foundation(Co-Founded by me). In 2017, when I thought I will be able to manage my finances by doing free lancing work , I planned to quit my job of Marketing manager and focus 100% on social activities. 2017-18 was a boom year as all the projects started by me & my team was super hit. But life is a roller coaster ride, if you go up, you have to go down sometime. This time it was some unavoidable circumstances in the NGO. Due to which, I took decision to resign from Aarna foundation. But Life always opens another door if you are passionate about something. Similarly, after every storm there is a sunrise and this sunrise was nothing, but my teams support which forced me to open Khushiyaan Foundation!!! I always say 2 hands can do wonders and hence proved. I am an MBA by profession & a humanity lover by choice who just believes in one mantra i.e; Insaan Bano !

- -Mr. Chinu Kwatra: Founder / Secretary

Being a younger brother of Chinu Kwatra. Inspiration started from home itself. Always thought to serve the needy people. Chinu Kwatra came up with the idea of started his own NGO name Khushiyaan. So, it was a very proud movement to get along as a team to help the nation. Always heard from childhood days. Unity Is Strength, when there is team work and collaboration Wonderful things can be achieved.

- - Mr. Samir Kwatra: Deputy Secretary

The thought of kindness was born because of my father who always taught us to keep giving the needy.
He says giving is never a big thing however being the source is, we are the choosen one.
I truly believe, just don't make money, make a difference too.
I always strongly believe humanity the word is easy however too deep if you understand.
Live & let live

- - Mr. Karan Shah: Vice- Deputy Chairman

Doctor by profession, Beautician by Passion & Currently Home maker by choice. I personally have seen a lot of ups & down in life and I feel life is all about spreading Khushiyaan. With this motto, I am glad to be in the team of youngsters who are willing to bring some positive change in the society.

- - Mrs. Rama Kwatra: Board Member

I am currently in my Third year of Bachelor in Management studies. I met Mr. Chinu Kwatra during beach cleanup activity & since then I am connected to him. As days passed, I could feel inner satisfaction which I used to get after volunteering in social activities. If we work together as One big team, I am sure our country will be seen as developed nation. Khushiyaan is the official platform where people can come with new ideas and scopes in future for the betterment of the society and hence I am part of it.

- - Mr. Swarup Tokal: Treasurer

I am currently pursuing Bachelor in Management Studies. I met Mr. Chinu Kwatra through NSS events. I found his work inspiring and innovative and hence, decided to join him. I am working with Mr. Chinu Kwatra since August 2017. We would love if everyone around us wishes to join us and spread more Khushiyaan everywhere.

- - Mr. Pranav Shirke: Board Member

Hi! My name is Paridhi Agarwal. I am a fashion designer and I own a fashion accessory brand 'Aadeisha'. I have always felt the need to be a socially responsible person in terms of cleanliness, saving water, etc. By the beginning of the year 2017 I decided I wanted to be a part of an NGO. It is then when I got in contact with Mr. Chinu whom I knew since school. I believe in KHUSHIYAAN because it delivers what it promises and will continue to do so


- - Mr. Paridhi Agarwal: Board Member


First Neighbours, Classmates, Colleagues, Business partners and now Life partners, we saw ourselves as a team always. We always thought we are here for a bigger purpose. Life’s been a happy bumpy ride. We always did the best we could for ourselves, but now we realised it was time to do the best for others.

The best feeling of happiness is that you’re happy because you have made someone else happy. There’s no better place than Khushiyaan to do our bit for the society. The best part about Khushiyaan is Chinu and entire team who happily and selflessly want to do things for the society. Their enthusiasm and love touch every single heart they do things for. They constantly inspire us to do more. It’s a blessing to be a part of Khushiyaan!!

- -Rakesh Kinger & Akkshada Kinger