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- Chinu Kwatra

Roti Ghar

Conceptualized the ‘Roti Ghar’ project in December 2017 for eradication of malnutrition among slum kids. The purpose of Roti Ghar is to give the slum children access to at least one healthy and nutritious meal in a day and also to teach them health and hygiene and table manners, thus focusing on their overall development. Roti Ghar is again an emotion to feed an underprivileged kids. He ask people, how will you dream if you are hungry ? So to solve that, He and his team of youth are working to feed and mentor 1000 kids daily & 1200 kids weekly. Recently, his team also expanded in location of Bangalore & Odisha where they will be feeding & mentoring these kids daily. Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IJylZM6J5Y