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- Chinu Kwatra

M.A.R.D- Menstruation A Right To Discuss

Manufacturing & Distribution of free eco-friendly sanitary napkins to 5000 women living in slums under the “M.A.R.D.- Menstruation A Right to Discuss” campaign started in 2017. Under this campaign, workshops on Menstrual Hygiene are conducted to create awareness among the underprivileged women and to break the menstruation taboo. Chinu & his team believes, because of Men, this menstruation taboo is out in public so this initiative was born. Chinu since childhood is surrounded & motivated by women in his life & feels that women are the strongest backbone of the family who doesn’t deserve this kind of disrespect. So he personally meets the ladies who are in below poverty line bracket & talks them about periods.

He and his team has organized many open platform talks on menstruation where he ask youth to come forward and speak about periods in front of public named as The Mard Talk.

Khushiyaan Foundation has its own manufacturing unit in which we manufacture these pads. KF has trained and provided earning opportunities to 6 less privileged ladies who handles the unit.