Core Team

  • Mera Kachra , Meri Zimmedari
  • Two Hands Can Do Wonders
  • Insaan Bano
- Chinu Kwatra

Core Team


The core team members are the Pillars of Khushiyaan Foundation. They are an army of 21 people who are in their 20's. Youth can bring the change in the society & this is proved by the Core Team of Khushiyaan Foundation.

Our Core Team firmly believes that our nation can greatly benefit from our resourceful youth population by having a plan and vision to change the future of our country.

Angel of Khushiyaan Foundation

Since childhood, I was involved in volunteering work for social causes.

Recently, when I met Chinu Kwatra at beach cleanup event, I was told about Khushiyaan Foundation. It was blessed to know that the team of youth are doing so much not only for Environment but also for underprivileged kids and females.

Post that, Chinu asked me if I can be the Angel (Brand Ambassador) of his NGO & participate in activities which are filed of Love & Happiness. I happily accepted the proposal of being a Super Human of Khushiyaan Foundation.

At Khushiyaan Foundation we just promise to spread immense happiness which is the basic need of the world & in anyway that I can contribute for the wellbeing of society and people, it gives me immense happiness (Khushiyaan)

Digangana Suryavanshi