• Mera Kachra , Meri Zimmedari
  • Two Hands Can Do Wonders
  • Insaan Bano
- Chinu Kwatra

khushiyaan is a platform for selfless service for uplifting the helpless and needy. Also, the mission of khushiyaan is to empower generations beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, communities, cultures, colours, religion and deliver stability, hope and well-being. Through all the projects or seva activities, ACT is selflessly committed to social service in India.

Our core areas of activity include the following:

  • Roti Ghar
  • Naari Shakti
  • Project Pathshala
  • Naari ShaktiHappy Periods
  • Naari ShaktiWomen Empowerment
  • Beach Warriors
  • ACT to Stop Hunger: Feeding the poor on the street
  • ACT Fast ACT Now : Relief operations, disaster management
  • Supporting underprivileged by providing basic needs
  • Sponsoring education & health care to the needy.

Roti Ghar

Roti Ghar is not just a project, its an emotion.It all started with a small dream of feeding & mentoring underprivileged kids.Roti Ghar daily feeds healthy & freshly cooked meal to these kids once a day.Team Khushiyaan visits the adopted slums daily & is about to complete a year of Roti Ghar.

Started on : 5th December,2017

Impact Created :-

Roti Ghar now feeds 400 underprivileged kids Daily & 700 underprivileged every week in different locations of Mumbai. With feeding, team also takes care of their basic hygiene & education by mentoring them. We aim to feed 3000 kids till December 2019.

Number of Kids benefited

Roti Ghar now feeds 400 underprivileged kids every week across all the locations & 100 kids daily. We are aiming at feeding 1000 kids by 2019.



  • Thane
  • Thane West
  • Airoli sector 19
  • Airoli sector 20


  • Monday :- Smith Old Age Home
  • Tuesday :- Brahmand Ghodhbunder Road
  • Wednesday :- Ghansoli Sector 23
  • Thursday :- Mulund East
  • Friday :- Thane West , Opp. Raheja
  • Saturday :- Mahim
  • Sunday :- Borivali, Charkop Kandivali

Naari Shakti:

"Naari" means woman and "Shakti" means strength. Naari Shakti aims to harness a woman's strength to its optimum potential by empowering underprivileged women and thereby making a tribe a Superwomen.

Started on : June 2017

Naari Shakti has three different verticals called as M.A.R.D., Naari Pathshala, and Empowering Women:-

M.A.R.D. – Menstruation A Right to Discuss

It’s an open platform to discuss about Menstruation & help underprivileged women to get happy periods. Team M.A.R.D. of Khushiyaan Foundation conducts open talks with the group of people at public places with a thought to Break the Taboo of Menstruation. With the awareness session, team M.A.R.D. of Khushiyaan foundation also helps in providing "Happy Periods" to those underprivileged women who cannot afford sanitary pads and often end up resorting to unhygienic practices like using leaves, ashes, dirty clothes, etc. Till date team distributes free eco-friendly sanitary napkins to 2000 females every month at various locations of Mumbai.

Naari Pathshala

An educated woman is like a magic wand, which brings prosperity, health and pride. We just have to unleash her potential and see the magic happen. We have improved a lot on women education since our independence, but a lot remains to be improved. Factors restricting the growth of women education in India are mainly societal, and we need to recognize them and eliminate them, if we want to achieve the goals of socio-economic development.

Naari Pathshala is a mission run by Khushiyaan Foundation aiming to offer quality education to all the underprivileged woman. The only target of this project is to cover education in the rural parts of Mumbai & other cities, to provide basic education to females which will help in reduction of frauds happening with below poverty line people. Currently, team is educating 100+ women of Roti Ghar Daily Locations.

Empowering Women

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Team has taught 20 women from Azad Nagar slum the art of stitching cloth bags which is then sold as eco-friendly cloth bags at no profit margin and the income generated is handed over to these empowered women & recently few ladies of Roti Ghar- Thane west slum will be making 1000s chapatis which will be distributed to the kids at Roti Ghar daily locations. This will help these ladies to get some extra income to run their family.

Beach Warriors:

Beach Warriors is the team spearheading Dadar Beach Clean Up for more than a year. And in this one year 700+ tonnes of garbage had been collected and put to place. Beach Warriors is the brainchild of Mr. Chinu Kwatra under the guidance of Prof. Indu Mehta. Beach warriors as a team has started Worli Beach Clean Up, Juhu Koliwada Beach Clean Up & Malad Erangal Beach Clean Up along with Dadar Beach Clean Up. Team is also qualified for Limca Book of Records for conducting India’s First 24 hours cleanup at Worli Village.

Started on : August,2017


  • Dadar Beach
  • Worli Village
  • Juhu Beach
  • Erangal
  • Chimbai
  • Gorai
  • Cuff Parade
  • Malad Beach


Beach Warriors was recently named as "green heroes" by Hindustan Times. On 2nd October, 2018, team was interviewed and appreciated by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on NDTV News for clearing up 1000+ tonnes of garbage.

Project Pathshala

Project Pathshala is a step forward towards personality development of the underprivileged kids. Out of school extra knowledgeable activities like use of computers, easy English and mathematics, good and bad touch, hygiene factors, cleanliness are designed and conducted.

Team has adopted 3 schools & various slums where the team mentors these kids, celebrates birthdays and festivals, spreading happiness and connecting with them at a personal level. Team Khushiyaan also provides and arranges various kids requirements like school fees, stationery, school essentials like books, bags, water bottles, etc.

Started on : April,2016

Location: Thane East, Airoli, Bhayander, Borivali, Mankhurd, Thane West, Malad.

Number of Kids Benefited

Project Pathshala has reached and made the lives of at least 1000 kids a little different, a little better, by providing them basic requirements. By 2019,Team wishes to reach 3000 kids and develop them.