• Mera Kachra , Meri Zimmedari
  • Two Hands Can Do Wonders
  • Insaan Bano
- Chinu Kwatra

khushiyaan is a platform for selfless service for uplifting the helpless and needy. Also, the mission of khushiyaan is to empower generations beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, communities, cultures, colours, religion and deliver stability, hope and well-being. Through all the projects or seva activities, ACT is selflessly committed to social service in India.

Our core areas of activity include the following:

  • Beach Warriors
  • Roti Ghar
  • Project Pathshala
  • M.A.R.D- Menstruation A Right To Discuss
  • Roti Ghar for Animals
  • Boondh
  • Home for Paws
  • Ananta Khushiyaan Welfare Centre
  • Ananta Khushiyaan Niwas
  • Armaan Bal Niwas
  • Ananta Khushiyaan Digital Education & Skill Development Centre

Beach Warriors

Initiating India’s second largest beach-clean-up drive inspired by Mr. Afroz Shah at Dadar-Prabhadevi Beach on 3rd September, 2017 to protect the marine life and the eco-system, and also taking the responsibility of the beautification of the walls around the beach. He has been leading his 40 Core team members of “Beach Warriors” since 2 years, who have been cleaning 7 beaches in Mumbai (Dadar, Cuffe Parade, Bandra, Worli, Madh, Erangal, Juhu Koliwada) and have removed around 2500+ tonnes of garbage till now.

In this initiative, more the 25,000 Mumbaikars have participated & supported till date. Beach cleanup is not just a citizen movement inspired by Mr, Afroz Shah but also an emotional way to say “I love you too” to the environment. Chinu feels, his age is passing by, but the kids he is mentoring will be living in this environment for long. So he just want to give a breathing environment to the kids

Roti Ghar

Conceptualized the ‘Roti Ghar’ project in December 2017 for eradication of malnutrition among slum kids. The purpose of Roti Ghar is to give the slum children access to at least one healthy and nutritious meal in a day and also to teach them health and hygiene and table manners, thus focusing on their overall development. Roti Ghar is again an emotion to feed an underprivileged kids. He ask people, how will you dream if you are hungry ? So to solve that, He and his team of youth are working to feed and mentor 1000 kids daily & 1200 kids weekly. Recently, his team also expanded in location of Bangalore & Odisha where they will be feeding & mentoring these kids daily. media:

Project Pathshala

Education of underprivileged children since 2014, and adoption of several schools/slums under the campaign “Project Paathshala” with a motto of shaping up the overall personality of the school children. Post completing his MBA, Mr. Kwatra to fight his depression started spending time with underprivileged kids of Thane. This gave him utmost happiness and positivity which made him thing to do something for the kids. He started an initiative named as project Pathshala which he gave all the benefits like sports, extra curricular activities, digital education etc to the underprivileged kids.

Chinu and his team under Khushiyaan foundation is taking care of basic schooling expenses of 1500+ underprivileged kids in Mumbai. He is also known as Single father of these kids as he believe in spreading love & giving dream to underprivileged kids. media:

M.A.R.D- Menstruation A Right To Discuss

Manufacturing & Distribution of free eco-friendly sanitary napkins to 5000 women living in slums under the “M.A.R.D.- Menstruation A Right to Discuss” campaign started in 2017. Under this campaign, workshops on Menstrual Hygiene are conducted to create awareness among the underprivileged women and to break the menstruation taboo. Chinu & his team believes, because of Men, this menstruation taboo is out in public so this initiative was born. Chinu since childhood is surrounded & motivated by women in his life & feels that women are the strongest backbone of the family who doesn’t deserve this kind of disrespect. So he personally meets the ladies who are in below poverty line bracket & talks them about periods.

He and his team has organized many open platform talks on menstruation where he ask youth to come forward and speak about periods in front of public named as The Mard Talk.

Khushiyaan Foundation has its own manufacturing unit in which we manufacture these pads. KF has trained and provided earning opportunities to 6 less privileged ladies who handles the unit. Media :

Roti Ghar for Animals

Roti Ghar for Animals : Recently with the support of ANANTA, Chinu and his team started feeding the stray animals & birds every day since last 200 days. The thought is simple, they cant say when they are hungry, but we understand it . So why not satisfy their hunder & thirst.


A project to provide fresh drinking water to the underprivileged and various places of Mumbai,Navi Mumbai and Thane.Through project Boondh we are successful to provide drinking water to 300 families of different communities. Project Execution - Thrice in a week.

Home for Paws

Home for paws is the project all about shelter home in Thane were abandoned, ill dogs are treated and send for the adoption. Its an every day running project were the premises consist of 40 dogs from abandoned and ill category which is taken care by our Shelter home.

  • PROJECT PERIOD – 2 years*

Ananta Khushiyaan Welfare Centre

Newly started 3200sq feet centre in Bhatsa Village for uplifting the lives of tribal children and women by conducting after school and skill development classes. The project focuses on overall development of children through digital education, extracurricular activities and mentorship. Women are involved in stitching courses and production of bags adding income generation avenues.

Currently we are helping 200 families, 130 children and 50 women to learn, understand and grow.

Ananta Khushiyaan Niwas

We call it "The Ananta Khushiyaan Niwas" because Khushiyaan, with the support of the Ananta Foundation, provides a home for the elderly who have been abandoned by their families or society. We take special care of them here, from their basic necessities to assisting them in coping with the pain that their family have inflicted on them. We feel ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to feed and gather blessings from so many elderly people. Ananta Khushiyaan Niwas now houses six senior people and has the capacity to house up to 15 people. It is located in Thane, Mumbai.

Armaan Bal Niwas

Every child has the right to "Armaan," which means "dream." There are, however, a few unlucky souls who can only dream of having a roof over their heads. We opened our very own "Armaan Bal Niwas" a shelter home for every abandoned and homeless boy child out there on the occasion of Ram Navami. It will be a home for three beautiful boy children who we can call our own as of yesterday. Without Mr. Rakesh Kinger Sir, none of this would have been possible.

Ananta Khushiyaan Digital Education & Skill Development Centre

The following project looking at the rising demand for digital and computer education focuses on developing basic computer skills in the youth and female home maker community of society free of cost. Our students are not just kids but also housewives empowering the household community as well. Apart from teaching basic computer skills, the project also focuses on upskilling the students in various extracurricular activities apart from their academic curriculum. These activities include English speaking, general knowledge, dance, craft, origami, stitching, cooking etc. The project is tremendously scalable and in the works of reaching every corner of the nation.